About Potentia

Who we are

Building relationships is at the heart of everything we do.

We are a leading human resources consultancy, proud of our Namibian roots and dedicated to delivering world-class solutions. In our work over more than 20 years, we have developed a reputation for doing things differently. We believe in working with organisations rather than for organisations. This is a subtle yet important distinction that highlights our core philosophy; relationships are the key to long-term success.

We live in a world that is constantly evolving. In order to navigate this complex environment, businesses need innovative solutions that are robust enough to survive and flexible enough to thrive. Potentia specialises in delivering responsive human resources solutions that are designed to meet the unique needs of each organisation.

We believe that an organisation is only as strong as its people. That is why we work to develop meaningful and lasting relationships with both our clients and our candidates. By truly understanding the needs of our clients and the aspirations of our candidates we are able to connect organisations with the talent they deserve. It is a mutually beneficial relationship that amplifies the potential of all parties involved. 

Our vision

We believe everyone has the potential to succeed.

Organisations bring purpose and people bring passion. Our vision is to align the two so that they are able to amplify their potential, together.

We value diversity, embrace change, challenge the status quo, harness innovation, and believe in the transformational power of relationships.

Amplifying the potential of leading businesses

Let us amplify your potential